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California’s policy and politics impact the world. Achieving a win here is hard and requires sophistication, trusted relationships and strategies rooted in experience.

We partner with private and public sector clients to drive positive results based on sound strategy. Our team of seasoned government relations professionals is highly skilled in understanding complex public policy issues and the political forces that shape them.


Capitol Advocacy is a leader in healthcare policy; we are experts at navigating California’s healthcare delivery system, which is a complex environment due to constantly changing regulations and laws. Our lobbyists lead the charge in shaping California's healthcare policy, successfully assisting diverse clients, including full-scope and specialized health plans, facilities, providers, health systems, pharmacies, and drug and device manufacturers secure wins.

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Artificial Intelligence, Privacy & Security

California is at the forefront of AI, privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations. Every year, California legislators introduce legislation aimed at enhancing consumer privacy protections and elevating data security standards. Our team of experts helps our clients work through the impacts of these laws and develop strategies to help ensure companies can continue to innovate.

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Energy and Climate Change

California continues to be the nation’s leader in climate change policy, pioneering laws and regulations with worldwide impact. Capitol Advocacy is closely engaged, shaping public policy in this area, on both the legislative and regulatory fronts. We possess a broad range of experience, having worked with virtually every decision-maker engaged in climate policy in California, allowing us to help any affected business or interest group hit the ground running.

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Insurance and Financial Services

Our team has helped fintech, insurance, and other financial services companies negotiate complex legislation and regulations, including stopping harmful measures that would limit access to these services or create additional liability or expense to operate in the California market.

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Business & Employer Defense

Ranked as the world's fifth-largest economy, California presents abundant opportunities alongside complex and sometimes onerous regulations. Capitol Advocacy has a seasoned team of lobbyists adept at maneuvering this complex terrain. Collaborating with your company, we craft effective solutions tailored to the demands of the present environment.

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California is the nation’s most populous and important state so it’s no surprise that securing opportunities for government contracting in this state matters so much to business. Our procurement team has deep relationships and a strong track record of opening doors and securing contracts for our clients.

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