Jennifer Hendrick Snyder

Jennifer Hendrick Snyder, a partner at Capitol Advocacy, brings over 25 years of policy development, community relations, and advocacy experience to the firm. As the co-lead of the Firm’s Healthcare practice, she is considered one of California’s top lobbyists in the healthcare and human services arena and has been instrumental in negotiating key rate and health policy changes to benefit her clients.

Her keen understanding of California’s complex healthcare and human services issues including behavioral health, coupled with her extensive background working for several healthcare organizations, has provided our clients with great success in both the Legislature and the Executive Branch. Jennifer’s experience advocating on budget issues has led to obtaining rate enhancements for clients and mitigating rate cuts for health care facility and pharmacy providers, physicians, and medical and product suppliers. Further, she has advocated on behalf of the life sciences industry, supporting their continued viability and advances in research and development in California.

Along with her advocacy in the Legislature, Jennifer’s deep-rooted background in the industry and relationships with key stakeholders have enabled the firm’s clients to successfully secure lucrative health contracts with the State. Jennifer also works closely with clients to navigate the Department of Health Care Services, Department of Public Health and Department of Social Services, positively facilitating the process for multiple clients to become Medi-Cal enrolled providers, obtain coverage of new health care technologies, and troubleshoot state licensure issues.

Before joining Capitol Advocacy, Jennifer served in a variety of government relations capacities at the California Association for Health Services at Home, the California Association of Health Facilities, the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, and the California Hospital Association. Her extensive experience working for this diverse group of healthcare organizations and associations has led her to become an industry expert on issues related to long-term care, social and health care services.

Additionally, Jennifer has spearheaded several grassroots and coalition building campaigns, working directly with health care facilities and community service agencies to achieve successful legislative outreach and build support coalitions for her clients. With this unique perspective, Jennifer skillfully advises clients on strategically communicating and garnering grassroots and stakeholder support for their policy objectives.

Jennifer has a degree in political science from California State University, Chico and a master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of San Francisco. She enjoys running and biking around Folsom Lake and volunteers with Meals on Wheels in her local community. She lives in Granite Bay with her husband Brian and son Colton.

Kristy Wiese

Kristy Wiese, a partner with Capitol Advocacy, brings over twenty five years of experience in both public and private interests to her diverse array of clients. She co-leads the firm’s significant Healthcare practice which spans the healthcare delivery system including facilities, payors, providers and vendors who provide healthcare within California.

Much of her work is focused on California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, which covers more than one third of the state’s population. Within the firm’s other practice areas, Kristy also works on issues relating to Technology, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence. Given the complexity of California’s landscape for all businesses, Kristy also works on General Business and Employer Representation issues. Her experience and relationships within the Legislature and State government enable her to combine access with strategic advice that enables organizations to advance their policy objectives.

Kristy’s deep-rooted knowledge of clients’ issues and keen understanding of what drives California’s political structure has proven successful as she has navigated some of the state’s most challenging issues. She is recognized for her unique and intuitive approach provides clients with strategic advice that gets results. her analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, counsel on coalition building, grassroots and grass tops outreach, and strategy for facilitating bipartisan relationship building with policy makers is a winning combination for the firm’s clients.

Kristy’s experience as a key official and decision-maker within former Governor Gray Davis’ administration provides unique insights to clients seeking experienced advocates to lobby on behalf of regulatory issues at every level of government. Prior to her experience in state government, Kristy was the in-house lobbyist for one of the state’s largest non-profit, grassroots organizations, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC).

Kristy completed her undergraduate work at San Diego State University and holds a Masters of Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Sacramento. Beyond the time that she invests in work, Kristy focuses her energy on supporting organizations that build community. Kristy serves on the Board of Directors for Fairytale Town, one of Sacramento’s most beloved institutions, a commitment that reflects her passion for the organization’s mission of promoting the imagination, creativity, and education of children. She also serves on the Board of the Friends of the Crisis Nurseries, an auxiliary of the Sacramento Children’s Home. The auxiliary works to enable the work of the crisis nurseries to support and strengthen families. Kristy lives in East Sacramento with her husband, Kasey, and two young children, Emily and Jack.

Chad Mayes

Chad Mayes is a partner at Capitol Advocacy, where he co-leads the Climate Change and Energy practice area. His expertise in this field is fueled by a fervent commitment to advancing innovative and sustainable solutions, skillfully navigating the complex landscape of modern environmental challenges. Additionally, Chad plays a significant role in the Healthcare Practice and contributes to the Technology, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the Business and Employer Representation practice areas. His broad spectrum of advice to clients is rooted in extensive experience at the crossroads of public policy and industry sectors, where he consistently delivers strategic insights and actionable solutions.

Mayes began his career as a financial advisor and small business owner. He then served as Mayor and Council Member at the Town of Yucca Valley, and as a board member of the San Bernardino Associated Governments and the League of California Cities. He later served as Chief of Staff to the Chair of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

In 2014, he was elected to the California State Assembly, representing the 42nd District in the Inland Empire. He quickly established himself as a dynamic and effective leader, earning the respect and trust of his peers and was elected Assembly Republican Leader after only 10 months in office. In 2019, he dropped his Republican party affiliation and was successful in running for re-election as an Independent in 2020.

Throughout his time in the Assembly, Mayes was known for his ability to identify pragmatic policy solutions that improved the lives of Californians and helped the state maintain its position as a global leader in the 21st century. He traveled extensively throughout the state, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, groups, and businesses to better understand issues and build support for key policies. He was particularly successful in his district, earning high marks as a consensus builder and getting things done for his constituents.

On statewide issues, Mayes played a key role in crafting and passing some of California’s most significant policy reforms, including California’s landmark Cap and Trade Law, the SB 901 Commission that reformed wildfire response and mitigation efforts, and the bill that created the California Wildfire Fund, which protected ratepayers, held utility executives accountable, and helped victims regain their lives.

Mayes also co-founded New Way California along with former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, an organization dedicated to putting people above political parties and improving the lives of all Californians.

Throughout his time in the assembly, Mayes served on several committees, including the Assembly Health Committee and Insurance Committees, the Utilities and Energy and Governmental Organization committees. Mayes was appointed by then-Speaker Toni Atkins to serve on the Little Hoover Commission. Mayes was an original founder and co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.

Mayes is a graduate of Liberty University and currently resides in Rancho Mirage with his wife, Dr. Andis Almasi Mayes and daughter, Mila.

Dean R. Grafilo

Dean R. Grafilo brings over twenty years of political and policy experience to Capitol Advocacy. His relational advocacy approach, deep-rooted knowledge on a wide range of issues, and ability to deliver results is an invaluable asset to the firm.

With the two decades of working on the state budget either as legislative staff or most recently, as Department Director, Dean, is one of the firm’s co-leads for the Procurement practice area. Additionally, Dean works within the firm’s Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology, and growing Attorney General practices.

Quickly after his arrival to the firm in 2019, Dean seamlessly transitioned toward advancing a number of client’s goals in the Legislature, before the Administration and by seizing state procurement opportunities. Whether in healthcare, cannabis, financial products, gig economy, housing, higher education policies, or IT procurement, Dean effectively collaborated with clients and colleagues to achieve desired outcomes.

Dean was most recently appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as the Director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which administers more than 3.9 million occupational licenses in the State of California. This unparalleled experience helps clients navigate through the myriad of licensing schemes, boards, commissions and bureaus.

As Director, Dean was heavily involved in many of the State’s largest consumer protection issues including cannabis, occupational licensing, and healthcare. With the department’s executive team, he led the regulatory entities and other divisions within the DCA and was a featured speaker at numerous events throughout the country.

Prior to his appointment, Dean was the longest serving Chief of Staff to former State Assemblymember, and current Attorney General, Rob Bonta. In this role, he touched a variety of policy areas including public employment, pension and social security administration, tribal gaming, horse racing, budget, appropriations, and housing. As a seasoned Democratic staff member, Dean was recognized as a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable resource. During his tenure in the Legislature, he was sought out for his ability to win competitive campaigns.

In addition to working for several members of the State Assembly, Dean previously worked as the Associate Director of Government Relations at the California Medical Association. He was also a Gubernatorial Appointee for the California State Athletic Commission, where he was involved with policy decisions affecting the State’s combat sports issues.

Dean was an Organizer Representative at Service Employees International Union Local 925 and a political intern at the M.L. King County Labor Council in Seattle. Additionally, he was a Field Representative and Organizer at International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 142 in Hawai’i. Working as a union leader in several states, Dean has proven experience collaborating with both labor and business together.

Dean earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington and Bachelor of Arts studying Political Science at San Francisco State University. He lives in West Sacramento with his wife Marisa and two daughters.

Lindsay Gullahorn

Lindsay Gullahorn brings over 15 years of political, legislative and policy experience to the firm as a lobbyist at Capitol Advocacy, where she is deeply involved in the firm’s Healthcare and Financial Services and Insurance practice areas. Her expertise and advocacy, both at the legislative and regulatory levels, provide clients with demonstrated results and a comprehensive perspective on a variety of complex issues.

Beginning her career at Capitol Advocacy over a decade ago, Lindsay has successfully advocated for clients on intricate matters in the healthcare space, including Medi-Cal benefit expansions, provider licensing and scope of practice, and policies impacting pharmacists and pharmacy operations. Lindsay also has provided clients with consistent results on complex proposals related to financial services, climate change and natural resources, and other issues impacting the business community.

Lindsay’s longevity has proven invaluable for each client. She brings a deep understanding and historical background of policy issues pertinent to them. Her knowledge and experience provide clients with ongoing updates and analysis on their key priorities and the politics that impact them. She also has a breadth of regulatory experience, which has given her the skills to navigate California’s labyrinth of administrative boards, bureaus and agencies and achieve favorable outcomes on behalf of the firm’s clients.

In addition to her advocacy work, Lindsay pays close attention to all proposed legislation for the firm’s clients. She is a regular guest-speaker for post-graduate courses, teaching students about the legislative process and advocacy. She also has expertise in crafting position letters, analyzing budget proposals, testifying at legislative and regulatory hearings, and providing an in-depth review to clients after each legislative deadline.

Along with her extensive policy and advocacy work, Lindsay develops individualized political contribution plans for each of the firm’s clients. Her understanding of California’s complicated political environment, and knowledge of the ever-changing leadership dynamics offers clients an unmatched insider perspective. Lindsay regularly provides clients with political updates, which have been published by global organizations and state associations.

Lindsay completed her Bachelor of Arts in Government at California State University, Sacramento in 2005. An avid runner, she lives in Fair Oaks with her husband, Daniel, their son, Charlie, and daughter, Jackie.

Jennifer Roe

Jennifer Roe joined Capitol Advocacy in 2015, bringing nearly a decade of policy and communications expertise to the firm. As one of the firm’s lobbyists, Jennifer’s knowledge of the process, her background on policy issues and her strategic communications skills prove invaluable for the firm’s clients.

Jennifer co-leads the firm’s Procurement practice and advocates on behalf of clients within the Healthcare, Climate Change and Energy and Business and Employer Representation practice areas. She has successfully advocated on behalf of clients both in the Legislature and within the Executive Branch. She helps clients navigate the legislative and regulatory processes and provides strategic counsel to communicate their messages effectively. Her relational advocacy approach proves successful for the firm’s clients as she has navigated difficult issues such as police reform, healthcare transparency, and climate change policy.

Understanding the policy objectives for each client, Jennifer’s analytical communication, research, and writing skills provide timely updates with relevant information about issues pertinent to them. Along with analyzing legislation, Jennifer reviews budget proposals, monitors oversight and informational hearings, drafts position letters, and keeps track of all regulatory matters of interest to clients. Jennifer also works with the firm to implement its marketing functions.

Prior to joining Capitol Advocacy, Jennifer worked for several members of the State Assembly, most recently as the Capitol Director for the Minority Caucus Chair and Vice-Chair of the Assembly Business & Professions Committee. She provided strategic counsel to the members and worked closely with caucus communications to develop and implement effective legislative strategies. Jennifer also developed members’ legislative priorities and worked on a variety of policy issues including health and human service budget issues, Proposition 65 reform, manufacturing incentives, workplace flexibility, public safety, and utilities. Her firsthand experience as legislative staff allowed her to build key relationships both in the Legislature and the Administration.

Originally from Sacramento, Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an accounting focus, from California State University, Chico. She enjoys mentoring young professionals through SheShares, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting women in the Capitol community. She lives in Roseville with her husband Kyle and two daughters.